how can i lose weight in fast?

Asked: how can i lose weight in fast?

well i kinda lost weight I'm 120 lbs but i still look fat icon sad how can i lose weight in fast?
can you please help me lose weight for my 8th grade spring formal dance prom or whatever you called it. its in April or in may and i want to weight atleast 80 lbs and if you could tell me whats the best dance studio or cheapest in los angeles like in burbank ,san fernando, somewhere close in sylmar please.
that would be helpful icon smile how can i lose weight in fast?


No matter what people say, exercise is the best way to lose weight. Diet pills, diets, and the other weird things that people come up with, dont work. Find atleast and hour everyday and just work out. And don't over-do it because 120 lbs is actually perfect (depending on your height) an remember- all my skinny friends have some kind of bulge at the belly!

It definitely won't help with your stomach, since you're inserting air as you chew. You will feel bloated. I stopped chewing gum overall.

Nah it's fine x


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