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protein suggestions for difficult vegetarian?

Asked: protein suggestions for difficult vegetarian?

ok- im vegetarian, but i have crohn's disease, which means i cant eat about 5498724% of most form of protein. (or so it seems…)

please could someone suggest some stuff im overlooking, before i wither away?

im not supposed to eat diary, but have a little, two or three times a week.
soy, all beans, all rice, all peas etc make me VERY ill.

i have nuts, all sorts, nearly every day, and hemp powder (high in protien, and appears to be the best option in any any health food shop, plus its ULTRA green; fast growing, high yeild plant, unlike soy, which is evil,a nd grown in cut-down-rain-forest-areas a lot of time time. thus evil). id live off that stuff but tried it once and constipation is THE most hideous sensation ever.. euurrugghhhhh.. never again.
i also have about 1/3 ltr various oils- pumpkin seed, hemp, flax, sesame, hazelnut, avocado etc.

so- anyway- what else am i missing? there must be something?!!
oh- i have eggs sometimes too.

are there any miracle plants im overlooking???? oh, quinoa i cant eat either (you see where the 'difficult' part comes in, ha ha)… alas, also no porridge:(

any cakes, crisps, alcholic beverages, chocolate bars high in it??:/

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Posted by Frank - June 7, 2012 at 4:27 pm

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Cake Shops in Los Angeles

Cake Shops in Los Angeles

We wish to compile a list of reputable, friendly and value for money cake shops in Los Angeles but to help you find a cake shop you can rely on, we wish to list only recommended shops.

Anyone considering buying a cake will be searching for three things from a shop keeper

1. Honesty

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785284 wedding cake Cake Shops in Los Angeles

Happy Customers Needed

So that after the purchase the buyer will be happy and content and not suffering from “buyer’s remorse”. In other words, he or she won’t be wondering if the price paid was too high or maybe it’s not really what they wanted, perhaps something a bit bigger, smaller, tastier or more colourful would have been better. Should they have found another cake shop in Los Angeles.

We could simply make up our list from other online directories, local Los Angeles papers and the like and publish it, which would mean all we’ve done is make up a list, which is what you are probably doing now in your search for a really nice bakery or cake.

Please Help and Make a Recommendation

You can help other residents of Los Angeles by dropping us a line and recommending a cake shop in Los Angeles you’ve used and will use again.

Is there a cake shop in Portland Terrace or should someone go around the corner to the Western Esplanade to find what they are looking for?

We will list the shop, free of charge and you can be sure other people searching for a cake will thank you, as will the shop owner, who should get more business as a result (business he or she rightly deserves)

Please use the form below to make your recommendation.

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Posted by Frank - July 13, 2011 at 11:22 pm

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